Best Hiking Watches to buy for the Adventurer / Explorer in you (2018 Edition)

When you are out there hiking, getting a bit lost can seem like fun, but if you are not careful then it can turn in to your worst nightmare, fortunately this “getting lost” crap all together can be avoided if you have a best GPS watch hiking on your wrist to show you the way home. Any Experienced hiker can tell you that the best hiking watch is what may be the difference between you sleeping cosily in a tent or Fighting for life with a bear in a moonlit clearing. With that little ominous note on the side, let us see about the best hiking watches that 2018 has graciously offered for us.

Oh wait, wait, wait, before all of this, don’t you want to know what makes watches an unavoidable partner in crime to the quintessential hiker/trekker?

I am sure you do.


Why do you need best hiking watches, Why not normal ones?

A Good hiking watch can not only tell time but also can provide you with crucial and important information such as altitude, air pressure, location and sunset/sunrise times and much more that can never be offered by a humble old watch that just tells the time.

When you are on a hike knowing these things can literally save your life, because of this normal watches are, unfortunately, on a hike will be absolutely useless. Mainly because they aren’t built for the wide outdoors and secondly they can only tell the time.

As times have improved, hiking watches have also evolved from just having a compass crammed inside them, today they have become a technological marvel themselves, they now come packing with Altimeter, Barometer, Heart-rate monitor, and GPS and much more whatnots than you can ever imagine.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the hiking watches and the features they are packing.

Best Hiking Watches of 2018 | Comparison Table

Hiking WatchesColorDisplaySensorsEditor's RatingBuy Now
Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch with Exclusive Tracback FeatureBlackBacklit B&W digital displayGPS, Altimeter, Barometer, 3 axis Compass3.7 out of 5Buy Now from
Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPSSilverBacklit LCD digital displayHigh sensitive GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, 3 axis Compass.4.5 out of 5Buy Now from
Garmin vívoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch – White & StainlessSilver, Black, WhiteLCD digital display(240*240 resolution)High sensitive GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, 3 axis Compass3.6 out of 5Buy Now from
GPS Hiking Smart Watch,Reabeam,Adventurer Outdoor Sports Waterproof WatchSilver, Black, greyE.Ink displayGPS, Altimeter, Barometer, 3 axis Compass, Thermometer, Heart rate monito2.9 out of 5Buy Now from
Garmin Fenix 5S Sapphire – Black with Black BandSilver, Black, grey, turquoise, amp yellow, RoseDigital LCD screenGPS, Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Heart rate monitor4.2 out of 5Buy Now from
TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Black)grey, pink, turquoise, blueDigital LCD screenGPS, Compass, pedometer3.6 out of 5Buy Now from
TomTom 1RR0.001.01 Runner GPS Running Watch (Pink)grey, pink, turquoise, blueDigital LCD screenGPS, Compass, pedometer, optional external heartbeat detector3.6 out of 5Buy Now from
Epson ProSense 307 GPS Multisport Watch with Heart Rate and EasyView Display Blue, White, BlackDigital LCD screenGPS, Compass, pedometer, heartbeat detector3.7out of 5Buy Now from
Fitness Tracker, Women Sports Tracker Smart Watch Band Bracelet, Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet, Wristband Watch Black, Silver, GoldDigital OLCD screenGPS, Compass, pedometer, heartbeat detector3.7 out of 5Buy Now from
S908 Gps Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Waterproof Bluetooth Watch Black, Yellow, RedDigital OLCD screen GPS, Compass, pedometer, heartbeat detector, accelerometer3.5 out of 5Buy Now from
Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch, Frost BlueBlack, White, Frost Blue, LimelightDigital High-resolution B&W screen GPS, Compass, heartbeat detector4.1 out of 5Buy Now from
Garmin Forerunner 25, Small – Black, and PurpleBlack, White, Blue, PinkE. ink B&W screenGPS, Compass, pedometer4.0 out of 5Buy Now from
Garmin 010-03717-54 Forerunner 235 Black/grey, Frost blue, MarsalaDigital LCD displayGPS, Compass, pedometer4.1 out of 5Buy Now from
Garmin Forerunner 230 - Black/WhiteBlack, Turquoise, purpleDigital LCD displayGPS, pedometer4.3 out of 5Buy Now from
Garmin Forerunner 15 Large, Black/BlueBlack, Violet, Teal, Green, BlueDigital E. ink displayGPS, GLONASS, Pedometer4.2 out of 5Buy Now from
Polar M200 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart RateBlack, Red, White, TealDigital displayGGPS, GLONASS, Pedometer3.5 out of 5Buy Now from
Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor WatchBlack, Red, Green, OrangeDigital LCD displayABC sensor set up3.5 out of 5Buy Now from
Suunto Spartan Sports Wrist HRBlack, Blue, Copper, Forest, SakuraDigital LCD touch displayABC sensors, Heartbeat monitor, GPS3.5 out of 5Buy Now from
Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports WatchBlack, Blue, Pink, White, RedDigital LCD displayABC sensors, Heartbeat monitor, GPS, pedometer.3.8 out of 5Buy Now from
Polar V800 GPS Sports WatchBlack, GreyDigital LCD displayBarometer, Heartbeat monitor, GPS, pedometer.3.8 out of 5Buy Now from

The key features to look out for when buying the best hiking watches or best GPS watch hiking today

When it comes to Hiking Watches, the options and features available out there are pretty much endless. Nevertheless, when you look for the best ones that suit your needs you will probably be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of features and functions there are. So in order to rid you from such pain of having to choose, we have assembled and reviewed a record number of 20 hiking watches that are so awesome that we are sure that you will love them and take one for your next sojourn into the woods.

Before we get to that let us see some features to keep an eye out for when buying the best watch for hiking and running.

The Altimeter

The altimeter can tell you how high you are from the sea level, knowing this can make it easy for you to navigate through a map. It primarily uses the combined effort of both barometer pressure data and GPS data to calculate how high you are now standing. It’s great for recognising landmarks and such in the maps.

The altimeter is a great add-on for best hiking watches because it is far easier to get lost in the woods than you might think, and an altimeter is just what you need to get on to the right path to home.

The Barometer

The Barometer is one of the most important tools in a hiker’s arsenal and is a must have for best hiking watches. It keeps a steady track on the air pressure surrounding it in a constant bid to predict weather changes. The barometer analyses air pressure fluctuations because a sudden increase or decrease in such pressure can mean either rain or a ray of wanted sunshine.

The barometer keeps alert for a sudden drop in air pressure because what usually follows that sudden dip is a thunderstorm. It can also be used to keep track of atmospheric conditions prevailing over the last few hours in a place of your choosing. That’s how useful it is.

The Compass

A compass is an essential tool for hikers and trekkers or anyone who has a thing for adventures. Without the all-powerful compass by your side, you will surely run the risk of getting bone lost and that never turns out good in the end. The compass helps you to align your maps to the poles so that it would be easier for you to read them whenever you feel that you have strayed on to the wrong path or a cliff side.

No best hiking watches is complete without a compass in it, whether it is a digital one or a manual one; it is a feature no best hiking watches should ever miss out on. So always choose a hiking watch with compass on it

GPS (Global Positioning System)

Although watches with GPS tend to be a tad bit expensive than the normal ones, it really is worth spending some dough on the best GPS hiking watch. The GPS in best hiking watches can tell you all about your current location such as your Longitude and latitude as well as the current elevation level that you are at. It can even tell you, your ascending and descending speed off a mountain or trail and how much distance that you have covered.

The GPS can be used to call for help if you are trapped somewhere by sharing your location to the authorities. Thousands of hikers and mountaineers have already been rescued safely because the GPS they had on them had told the authorities where to look for them.

Heart rate Detector

Hiking is a bit of a strenuous activity and it is a good idea to keep your heart rate monitored throughout your little trip into the woods, especially if you are on the wrong side of forty or is suffering from heart-related illnesses.

The modern-day best hiking watches come with a wrist-based heart rate monitor that can give you real-time info about your heart and its beatings, it can help you keep a steady pace out on the hike and can warn you if you are straining too much.

Durability and Ruggedness

I, as a hiker, would never want a watch that breaks apart at the first sign of bumps and drops even if it contains all the features in the world. What I want is a watch that can tell the time and convey other such relevant information to me whenever I may have the need for it.

The watch needs to be well built, and it must also be lightweight at the same time because carrying a backpack on a hike is in itself is very hard and it will be an overkill if you also had to lug around a heavy watch on your wrist.

Comfort and Feel

Whenever you choose a hiking watch or any watch for that matter, be sure about its comfortableness, the hiking watch particularly, should be light, strong, and need to be able to take hit or two when the trek starts rolling. An average trekker/hiker carries almost 20-25 kg worth of things in his backpack alone so asking him to carry ½ kg more in his wrist as a watch is like going around carrying a gun and asking to be shot at. It never turns out good.

Always choose the best hiking watches that offers the maximum comfort and feel. It should be as light as though that one should forget that he is wearing one. And it also needs to be strong because when you need it the watch should be able to perform in its maximum state.


I know, best hiking watches are supposed to be rugged and performance oriented but is it too much to ask for a little style. Nope, nowadays getting to work itself is sort of like going on a hike, so it wouldn’t look out of place if you wore a hiking watch to work too.

Although it would not be of much use in a workplace, it should help you make a fashion statement that is not easy to forget. The mindset of the wearers are changing and companies anticipating this are increasingly offering hiking watches that checks the style boxes too..

Accuracy in timekeeping

Time flies when you least expect it to, especially if you are hiking through a lush beautiful forest on a weekend afternoon. So having a watch that is crazy accurate can really help you out on the trail in a big way because we as a human, when it comes to time has always had the brain of a jellyfish.

Chronologically accurate best hiking watches can help you avoid such situations easily because it can alert you when things start to go south in terms of time. You, as per time, can create a foolproof timetable to follow through with the hike so as to not end up camping in an eerie old smelly cave at the end.

Now that we have an idea on what are the features needed to make the best watch for hiking, let’s get the ball rolling on our review to find the best watch for running and hiking ever made.


The 20 Best Hiking Watches of 2018 That’s Going to Rock Your World


1. Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch with Exclusive Tracback Feature

Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch with Exclusive Tracback Feature


The Garmin watchmakers are considered to be a legendary major player in the high endurance watch industry, they are known for their rugged feature rich watches, and especially their Fenix series of hiking watches are just spectacular

The watch is made from materials that are known to highly strong and durable, the bezel, as well as its body, is crafted from stein-less steel and the strap is made from high tensile vulcanized rubber offering top of the line protection against bumps, drops and the weather. The entire watch is waterproof up to a depth of 50ft.

The watch has a B&W digital interface that is surprisingly clear even in direct sunlight, the digital dials are crisp, clean and easy to reads even in high movement situations. The watch has a high sensitivity GPS sensor within it that pretty much has all the features that you expect from a normal handheld dedicated GPS unit.

The Watch along with GPS also has an altimeter, Barometer and a 3 axis digital Compass in it, if that wasn’t enough there is also a temperature gauge put into it for good measure.

The exclusive feature of this watch is its tracback function, what this does is that the watch uses the combined efforts of its GPS and ABC sensors to mark up your waypoints and track points as you go hiking in real time. And the best part is that you can share this data with any compatible devices and smartphones using blue tooth and ANT.

The sensors within the watch are self-calibrating to rid you from the hassle of manually doing it. The GPS functionality allows the watch to adjust its time in accordance with where you are.

Truly it is one of the best GPS watch for hiking ever made,

Key features

  • Sturdy and Durable stainless steel build that offers maximum protection/li>
  • Vulcanised rubber abrasion resistant strap that is highly comfortable
  • Tracheae feature that can store up to 1000 way points and up to 10000 track points
  • Multi-device compatibility using blue tooth and ANT
  • GPS+ABC sensors that are self-calibrating
  • One of the best hiking watches ever made

The good

  • Stylish design
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Lightweight

The not so good

  • The strap is not even colored
  • The construction is not sturdy enough
  • Lack of color choices

  • Style: Hiking and adventure
  • Colour: Black
  • Materials: Stainless steel and vulcanized rubber
  • Display: Backlit B&W digital display
  • Sensors: GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, 3 axis Compass.
  • Weight: 2.88 ounces


2.Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

This 2nd entry in our Best hiking Watch 2018 review is not exactly a watch per se, it’s more of a Wrist based GPS unit than a watch. But then again we are here to look for the best hiking watches, aren’t we? So here we go on with Garmin Foretrex 401 – best hiking GPS watch till date.

This particular unit called Fortrex is a creation of Garmin, and Garmin is the best when it comes to all things GPS. Since this unit/watch is a dedicated GPS one, the Garmin R&D team has gone all out to build it and fill it with the maximum number of features there is

The fortrex is made out of lightweight rust-resistant stainless steel material that is super strong and highly durable, the display is a rectangular shaped one offering a lot of real estates for it to display its multitude of info outputs.

The display is an Easy to read LCD screen with 100-64 resolution that is kept B&W for practical reasons; it also features a few capacitive touch buttons for easy navigation.

The Fortrex is primarily a Dedicated GPS unit, and that is exactly where it excels. The unit has a highly sensitive GPS sensor in it that is accurate up to 3 ft irrespective of where you are or under what conditions that you are in.

The Fortrex comes with a bundle of sensors namely Altimeter, Barometer, Digital Compass and support for an external optional heart monitor sensor along with this unit also has the power to calculate sunrise/sunset times in any part of the world courtesy of its excellent GPS connection.

The Fortrex runs on 2 AAA batteries that can give out enough juice for 17 hours in GPS mode and that can be quite adequate for a trip into the woods. But in 9 ounces the unit isn’t lightweight in any way and your wrist might need some rest after long usages.

The Fotrex is one of the most highly rated GPS trackers in the world and by our review, it surely deserves to be so.

Key features

  • High sensitive GPS tracker that is super powerful
  • Replaceable AAA batteries that offer 17 hours in GPS mode
  • Easy and simple user interface and Navigation
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Clip-on external sensors

The good

  • LCD screen that is crisp and clear
  • Excellent GPS features
  • Inbuilt ABC sensors that are self- calibrating
  • Retracing feature
  • Optional external heart rate monitor
  • Excellent User reviews

The not so good

  • Not suitable for everyday wear
  • A bit heavy
  • Battery offers only 17 hours back up in GPS mode

  • Style: Hiking and Trekking
  • Colour: Silver
  • Materials: Stainless steel and vulcanized durable rubber
  • Display: Backlit LCD digital display
  • Sensors: High sensitive GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, 3 axis Compass.
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


3. Garmin vívoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch – White & Stainless

Best Hiking Watches: Garmin vívoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch - White & Stainless

This watch is a true blue smartwatch in every sense there is and the fact that it is also a hiking watch can seem unbelievable at first but it is true. So to make you a believer, let us see about this Garmin made Techno-Beast.

The watch is made out of stainless steel and the strap in order to minimize weight is crafted from high-quality tensile canvas infused rubber. This alone makes this watch a great choice for hiking and trekking The watch sleek and exudes minimalism, it is an absolute joy to look at.

The watch face is protected by Corning Gorilla glass that is scratch and shatterproof and can withstand some serious blows. The digital screen itself is very vibrant and the colors just pop out because of its 240*240 pixel resolution. The screen can be customized using hundreds of exclusive watch faces, widgets, and apps from Connect IQ store.

The watch comes pre-loaded with more than 15 GPS and fitness apps that range from Yoga, Running and swimming, and the watch also features an array of sensors to support these apps, the sensors include, GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, and a compass for good measure. These features are what made it earn its place in the best watches for hiking list.

This watch is also the first one from Garmin Stable to support their wireless payment system unimaginatively called Garmin Pay, this feature allows you to pay for things by a single tap from your watch.

The watch can be used as a notification center for your life after connecting it with your compatible smart phone, you can check out messages and even reply to them from the watch itself all without pulling out your smart phone.

The best hiking watches from Garmin also comes with a reward system that let you compete with other users through their dedicated online medium. It can help you be motivated and engaged in your workouts or hikes or whatever physical activity that you prefers to do.

Key features

  • Strong and stylish build
  • Custom Garmin Side swipe UI
  • Pre-installed fitness apps
  • A barrage of Sensors
  • Garmin pay

The good

  • Minimalist design
  • Awesome display
  • Customizability
  • Notification enabled
  • Achievements and reward system
  • Excellent battery

The not so good

  • The strap could have been better
  • Heavy
  • Some apps may seem gimmicky
  • GPS is not that efficient here

  • Style: Casual wear, Hiking, Trekking
  • Colour: Silver, Black, White
  • Materials: Stainless steel and vulcanized canvas infused rubber
  • Display: LCD digital display(240*240 resolution)
  • Sensors:High sensitive GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, 3 axis Compass
  • Weight: 9.3 ounces


4. GPS Hiking SmartWatch, Reabeam, Adventurer Outdoor Sports Waterproof Watch, Multi-function Mode, for Tracking Running, Hiking, Heart Rate Monitor, SOS, Compass, Watch Connect with Smart Cellphone APP

Best Hiking Watch: GPS Hiking Smart Watch,Reabeam,Adventurer Outdoor Sports Waterproof Watch,Multi-function Mode


This watch from reabeam is particularly aimed at extreme sporting enthusiasts that push their body to the limits. The watch with its high strength build and uber cool features is a great choice for people indulging in extreme sports like mountaineering, Rock climbing, and surfing.

The watch screams extreme in every aspect. From the build materials to the innards, the watch is a symbol of strength and durability. The watch is made of super strong stainless steel and eco-friendly silicone that ensures that it is as durable as it looks.

The watch houses not one, not two but three navigational systems namely GPS, GLONASS, and BDS. Along with this the watch also carries an altimeter, Barometer, a digital compass as well as an inbuilt heart rate monitor that is crazy stupid accurate. This is one of the reasons that made this watch enter the coveted top GPS watches for hiking list.

The watch comes with 10 modes that range from casual running to extreme Rock climbing, each mode is specifically tuned to get the maximum amount of data and output when you indulge in them specifically. You can check out this data within the watch itself or you can connect with its smartphone app to view and analyze it there.

The Screen uses technology to display time and data and is protected by a diamond glass that is scratch and shatter resistant. The whole watch is waterproof to an astonishing 100ft making it an ideal choice for divers and swimmers alike.

The watch also supports fast charging, meaning that you can fully charge it in 2.5 hours and use it for more than 15 days at a stretch.

It even has an SOS feature to get you out of dangerous situations should they ever come knocking at your door.

Key features

  • Super Strong rugged design that can take pretty much anything
  • It has 10 tuned sport modes
  • In-built heart monitor that gives out accurate info
  • Multi-device compatibility using blue tooth and ANT
  • Quick charge (full charge in 2.5 hours for 15+ days standby)

The good

  • Premium quality
  • High-end materials
  • Diamond glass protection
  • SOS feature
  • Heart monitor
  • Custom modes

The not so good

  • Clunky design
  • Heavy
  • Not at all stylish
  • Lacklustre screen

  • Style: Hiking, Trekking, extreme sports
  • Colour: Silver, Black, grey
  • Materials: Stainless steel and Silicone
  • Display: E.Ink display
  • Sensors: GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, 3 axis Compass, Thermometer, Heart rate monitor
  • Weight: 2.0 ounces


5. Garmin Fenix 5S Sapphire – Black with Black Band

Best Hiking Watches: Garmin Fenix 5S Sapphire - Black with Black Band


The Garmin Fenix 5s is the latest successor to the ultra-popular Fenix 3 and was introduced to the masses in 2017. It is a powerful smartwatch that blurs the line between stylish casual watches and rugged sports watches, it practically combined both of them into one single sleek rugged stylish frame that’s loaded with the latest features.

The Multisport smartwatch runs on Garmin’s own sideswipe UI and is pretty darn responsive even in wet conditions. The watch can be customized with the hundreds of watch faces that are available in the Connect IQ store should you ever want to make it personal.

The watch comes with a stainless steel finish and has a treated rubber band around it to keep everything in its place. The band comes with their own Quick fit technology that offers the maximum comfort for as long as you wear it while being safe and secure

The Fenix 5S comes with an LCD screen that is quite a stunner. The screen is very bright and is exceptionally clear even in direct sunlight. A sapphire mineral glass that is strong and shatterproof is what protects the watch face from daily impacts and scratches.

The watch comes with an Altimeter, a Barometer, and a 3 axis Digital compass, if that wasn’t loaded enough it even has a heart rate monitor and Thermometer in it to fill the void to the brim.

This sporty watch has two navigational systems on board namely GPS and GLONASS, which makes sure that the wearer never goes off trail unless he wants it.

The watch can be connected with your smartphones in order to start receiving the notifications on the watch itself. You can even reply to them through the watches excellent onboard touchscreen.

The heart rate monitor coupled with the Fenix 5S’s Advanced Running Dynamics feature makes it an ideal choice for hardcore athletes who wish to be at the top of their form. However, this does not mean that it’s not good for daily usage. In fact, its stylish looks can turn anyone’s head and can earn you admirers wherever you go wearing it.

Key features

  • Stainless steel frame that is durable and stylish
  • Excellent Screen that is bright and vibrant
  • Inbuilt heart monitor
  • Wireless connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ANT+
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters

The good

  • Stylish Design
  • Smart notifications
  • Onboard heart monitor
  • Excellent QuickFit band
  • Comes in a barrage of color options

The not so good

  • Slightly on the pricier side
  • A bit on the smaller side
  • The software tends to freeze sometime

  • Style: Multisport, casual wear
  • Colour: Silver, Black, grey, turquoise, amp yellow, Rose
  • Materials: Stainless steel and Quickfit rubber
  • Display: Digital LCD screen
  • Sensors: GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Heart rate monitor
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces


6. TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Black)


TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Black)


This beautiful watch from TomTom has everything that a runner needs while he is on the road. This watch as per its name is primarily aimed at runners and has all the goodies that he may need to up his game. Truly this watch is what every runner dreams of.

The watch sports an extra-large high-resolution display that is very vibrant and can, even in, direct sunlight show what the user wants to see as clear as the day itself.

The TomTom Runner with help from it’s onboard patented GPS system and sensors can track everything from, the distance covered, the calorie burned or even how fast is your heart is beating. With the help of an external source of course.

The watch and its strap come as two separate modules for easy usage. The watch module is made of high strength stainless steel and toughened glass and the band module for ensuring comfort is made from sweat resistant high-quality rubber material.

The navigation part is done through a single button on the side of the watch. However, you need to go through a bit of a learning curve before you get accustomed to it, but after that, you will realize it is far easier than conventional multi-button systems.

The watch boasts of an onscreen training partner that can supply you with goals to reach and motivates you to best your personal records constantly, it is not a path-breaking feature but it sure can help you to push yourself better.

When it comes to sensors, the watch seems a bit lacking. It only has a pedometer and a compass within it, it relies on onboard GPS and GLONASS to calculate how fast you are running and how much distance you have covered and all that junk.

This is a bit disappointing because in order to get the full use of it, you need to turn on the GPS at all times and this can have quite a big impact on the battery backup situation.

For connectivity purposes, the watch uses Bluetooth and it does have different modes that suit various running styles, whether you are a sprinter or a casual jogger this watch will never disappoint nor let down you.

Key features

  • Stunning design
  • One button navigation
  • Extra-large display that has more real estate to display the data
  • Various fine-tuned running modes that suit everyone from pro athletes to casual joggers
  • Modular design
  • Ultra slim and lightweight

The good

  • Colourful Extra-large display
  • Dedicated pedometer
  • Waterproof
  • Easy connectivity options
  • Patented Quick GPS fix technology
  • Personal trainer

The not so good

  • Lack of sensors such as Altimeter and barometer
  • No inbuilt heart monitor
  • Relies on GPS for most of the data it relays
  • Battery draining interface

  • Style: Sprinters, casual wear, sports
  • Colour: grey, pink, turquoise, blue
  • Materials: Stainless steel and non-treated rubber
  • Display: Digital LCD screen
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, pedometer
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces


7. TomTom 1RR0.001.01 Runner GPS Running Watch (Pink)

TomTom 1RR0.001.01 Runner GPS Running Watch (Pink)


This watch from TomTom is an excellent choice for casual sports enthusiasts and serious athletes alike. It can track your daily steps, heart rate, and your running stats and display it all in an attractive way in its large display that is a famous head turner.

The watch is beautiful, let’s get that out of the way, the large screen, wide colorful band, and an attractive interface make it a sure-fire stunner. The display is absolutely breathtaking, the colors and dials in it just pop out from the watch, this coupled with an enhanced brightness system make it one of the best displays to be ever put on a watch.

The watch is made from stainless steel and high endurance glass, which when combined can withstand some serious blows, even from close quarters, the strap is made from non-vulcanised rubber and comes in an array of beautiful colors other than the pink one reviewed here. Its worth noting that the strap and the watch are two separate modules that can be interchanged at will.

The watch features two navigational systems on it namely GPS and GLONASS, and it relies on these systems to get the real-time data such as speed, distance, and the approximate calories you have burned.

It has two sensors on board, the pedometer, and the Compass, it’s a bit lacking. I know, however, you can add an additional external heart rate detector to it for those who want to keep their heart rate monitored.

You can create training programs on it that you can follow through while you are out on your morning jog, it can also store your previous records and milestones to help you see how you are doing on the watch itself

This best hiking watch is an apt choice for people who want hassle-free sports watch that they can rely on in their day-to-day life.

Key features

  • Large and stunning Display that is extra colorful
  • Colourful bands that are interchangeable
  • One button navigation system that is quick and easy
  • Sturdy and strong build that ensures premium durability
  • Vibration alerts that can let you know about milestones, alarms etc…

The good

  • Extra big vibrant display
  • High brightness levels
  • Stunning design
  • Personal virtual trailer
  • Waterproof (up to 50 meters)

The not so good

  • Lacks sensors such as Barometer and Altimeter
  • The battery level is not adequate
  • The strap is susceptible to wear and tear

  • Style: casual wear, sports
  • Colour: grey, pink, turquoise, blue
  • Materials: Stainless steel and non-vulcanised rubber
  • Display: Digital LCD screen
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, pedometer, optional external heartbeat detector
  • Weight: 2.24 ounces


8. Epson ProSense 307 GPS Multisport Watch with Heart Rate and EasyView Display – Blue

Epson ProSense 307 GPS Multisport Watch with Heart Rate and EasyView Display – Blue


The Epson Prosense 307 watch is not just a stunning looker, but it is also one of the best sports watches ever produced by the legendary Epson watchmakers. Under its rugged small frame lies a beast that is waiting to be awakened.

The watch is made from high-quality polymer plastic material and sports pro-silicone band that is breathable and durable at the same time, the watch itself is very compact and lightweight and offers a comfortable and secure fit all through and beyond its life.

The watch comes with a display that is optimized by the Epsons very own Easy view technology that offers superior brightness and viewing angles that makes the content clear and crisp even under direct sunlight.

The watch sports an array of sensors and functions such as Pedometer, Compass, heart rate monitors and GPS, the Pro sense combines all these features into one single sensory entity that can rival even the best of the best out there.

Running all these functions require some serious energy, and the pro sensor battery sure doesn’t disappoint. It offers the best in class battery backup there ever been, 20 whole hours in GPS mode itself, that is some serious juice right there.

The watch can be connected with your smartwatch to transfer data in between them and to download various fitness plans, it also allows your pro sense watch to alert you of incoming messages, and alarms from your phone right on to the watch itself.

Another intriguing feature of this best hiking watch is its multitasking capability called ProSense, the watch can adapt itself to the various activities the users tend to go through, be it swimming, running or even rock climbing, the watch can quickly adapt itself to suit the current situations as it comes along.

Key features

  • Lightweight and rugged in design
  • Epson EasyView enabled screen
  • Sturdy band
  • Loaded to the brim with features
  • The best battery life in its class

The good

  • Premium rugged design
  • Excellent battery backup
  • Inbuilt heartbeat sensor
  • Notification alert system
  • Waterproof

The not so good

  • The materials used are not good enough
  • Subpar styling
  • Shoddy interface

  • Style: casual wear, sports, trekking
  • Colour: Blue, White, Black
  • Materials: ABS plastic and Silicone
  • Display: Digital LCD screen
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, pedometer, heartbeat detector
  • Weight: 1.08 ounces


9. Fitness Tracker, Women Sports Tracker Smart Watch Band Bracelet, Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet, Wristband Watch with Health Sleep Activity Tracker Pedometer for Smart Phone

Fitness Tracker, Women Sport Tracker Smart Watch Band Bracele


This stunning watch looks as though it came right from the annals of a high-end art gallery, that’s how beautiful it is. The watch, with its extremely thin bezels and slim body, resembles a bracelet more than anything and I think that’s what they were going for anyway.

The watch exudes feminine charm and it is clear that the brainiacs in WowGo were going for that look all along. The watch is made from brushed stainless steel and has a band made of high endurance rubber. The watch, on the whole, give out a premium look and feel that is hard to resist especially to the fairer sex.

The display is OLED, which ensures that the screen is super bright, and has the definition clarity to be read even in direct sunlight. The colors are vibrant and over saturated, on a small screen watch oversaturation can be a very good thing.

Within its elegant frame, it carries a pedometer, a compass, a heart rate monitor as well as a GPS sensor, talk about overkill. Anyway, it also carries an array of nifty little features such as sedentary alert, sleep monitor, and a smart notification alert function.

The watch comes with a smart button that can be programmed to do a number of various tasks. Those functions include Video mode, Find Phone, Music remote, DND etc…

The watch has a sleep cycle monitor embedded in it that can actively check and record your daily sleeping patterns, this particular feature can help you make better sleeping habits that ensure that you have a good night’s sleep always.

The battery powering all this is a lithium-ion one and it supports Quick charge, it can fully charge your battery in 1.5 hours and ensure that you have enough juice for 7 whole days with it.

The watch supports Bluetooth and can connect to any devices that run BT 4.0. Since almost all of the devices we now use are BT 4.0 supported, its safe to say that every modern day smartphones can be connected to this beauty of a watch in a jiffy.

Key features

  • Elegant design language
  • Sleek and sturdy body that is well made
  • OLED display ensures bright dials and great viewing angles
  • An array of Nifty functions that are well thought out
  • Programmable smart button

The good

  • Minimalistic design
  • Excellent battery specs
  • Inbuilt heart rate monitor
  • Smart notifications

The not so good

  • The display is too thin
  • Can’t take much in terms of bumps and drops
  • The band leaves a lot to be desired

  • Style: casual wear, sports, party wear, women
  • Colour: Black, Silver, Gold
  • Materials: Brushed stainless steel and Rubber
  • Display: Digital OLCD screen
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, pedometer, heartbeat detector
  • Weight: 3.0 ounces


10. S908 Gps Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Waterproof Bluetooth Watch Pedometer Fitness Trackers Smart Band for ios & Android

S908 Gps Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Waterproof Bluetooth Watch


This Funky looking Futuristic watch is a great choice for people who are looking to add a dash of color and crazy to their daily life routines. The Watch is extremely gorgeous and the streamlined minimal design language it utilizes in its design is maybe the reason is for it.

This watch resembles a true blue fitness tracker in every aspect, from the design to the features it has on board. The watch is primarily aimed at Swimmers although it is marketed as a hiking watch.

The S908 rocks an IP68 certificate that makes it clear that the watch is waterproof and weatherproof. The watch has a dedicated swimming mode, that when activated will count the number of laps covered and the arm swings it took to reach the laps count. The S908 is every swimmer’s dream come true.

The watch frame is crafted out of high tensile stainless steel and the band is made from polymer-induced rubber which makes it as durable as it ever can be. The watch face features an OLED touchscreen display that is bright and clear, its even clearer in direct sunlight believe it or not.

The S908 carries a GPS sensor on it’s inside that is accurate up to 5ft. this little feature can be a lifesaver and has helped hundreds of people in finding their way back home after they got stranded. The watch also has an accelerometer within it that can help you find how fast you are moving instead of relying on GPS for this piece of snippet.

This watch has a highly reliable wrist side Heart monitor in it that can accurately deduce what your current heartbeat speed is. This tool can show you an alert you if your heartbeat is getting low or dangerously high when you are doing your workouts.

This watch is a multifunctional one that can monitor heart rate, sedentary level as well as the number of calories burned. It can even act as a notification alert hub as long as it is connected to a smartphone. Apart from this it also rocks a sleep cycle detector that can help you grow better-sleeping patterns.

Key features

  • Cool designs that give a funky kind look
  • Slim and sleek design that is captivating and alluring
  • The touchscreen is extremely responsive even in wet conditions
  • The battery life is excellent. It can last up to 20 days on a single charge
  • Interchangeable watch bands

The good

  • The modular design is both practical and beautiful
  • The OLED panel is striking
  • Waterproof (IP68)
  • Inbuilt heart rate monitor
  • Dedicated swimming mode
  • Excellent connectivity options

The not so good

  • The Band is subpar in quality
  • The interface sometimes lags
  • Navigation is a pain
  • No screen protection

  • Style: casual wear, sports, swimming
  • Colour: Black, Yellow, Red
  • Materials: Brushed stainless steel and polymerized Rubber
  • Display: Digital OLCD screen
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, pedometer, heartbeat detector, accelerometer
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces


11. Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch, Frost Blue

Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch, Frost Blue


The Forerunner 35 is one of the few devices created by the fabled house of Garmin on their 10th-anniversary celebrations. Don’t let this small size fool you, it is more powerful than many other hiking watches in its class.

When it comes to the design, its okay at best, there is nothing revolutionary or anything about it. It is rather dull if I may say so. The watch features a stainless steel and rubber build that is best described as durable and functional. The watch features a squire LED High-resolution screen that is bright and vivid, I mean it was the only thing that captured our interest, design wise.

The Forerunner 35 is loaded with features and that is where it scores big. The watch features a high sensitivity GPS sensor that is the best in its class. This powerful GPS system alone can replace mundane sensors such as Altimeters and Barometers because of it high precision locating capabilities.

This system can also track and give you directions when you are out on a hike into the woods, even under heavy woods the watch produces a strong signal to the satellites, it features one of the highly reliable GPS unit ever put into a hiking watch till date.

The Forerunner 35 also has an updated heart sensor on it that is very accurate and can easily calculate your heart rate even when you are on the run. This sensor, unlike some other hiking watches, is incorporated into the watch itself ridding you from having to carry around a secondary device to know your heart rate. It’s a rather thoughtful feature and we do like it so much.

This watch can be paired with your smartphone to transfer your milestones, records and fitness plans from and to the phone itself. it also enables the Forerunners smart notification system which can alert you to incoming mail and messages and alarms.

If you are not in to design and only wants features like advanced running dynamics and heart rate monitor, then this Garmin Forerunner watch is the right one for you.

Key features

  • Premium build quality that is quite wonderful
  • Compact design that is unobtrusive and lightweight.
  • High-resolution display that is a treat to the eyes
  • Smart connectivity options

The good

  • Exceptional build quality
  • Inbuilt heart rate sensor
  • Small form factor
  • High sensitivity GPS

The not so good

  • Unimaginative style
  • Lack of a color display
  • Strap material is susceptible to wear and tear

  • Style: casual wear, sports, Hiking
  • Colour: Black, White, Frost Blue, Limelight
  • Materials: Brushed stainless steel and non-vulcanised Rubber
  • Display: Digital High-resolution B&W screen
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, heartbeat detector,
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


12. Garmin Forerunner 25, Small – Black, and Purple

Garmin Forerunner 25, Small - Black, and Purple


This watch from Garmin is the precursor to their more recent smash hit success the Forerunner 35, and I think the reason for that watch to be the success it was because it had improved upon an already great watch, and that watch I am speaking of is Forerunner 25.

This tiny little watch is beautiful, something that is lost in the latest iteration I think. It packs a larger display than its former model Forerunner 15 but in a more compact body. Unfortunately, the body frame despite being strong is not made out of metal but a plastic material. The same goes for the straps too.

The watch carries an E. ink powered display in order to cut down on battery power. The display technology may be old but it is still bright and clear and can be easily read in even direct sunlight.

The Forerunner 25 packs a high sensitivity GPS sensor into its body that is the best in its class, it also features a pedometer for good measure. The watch has an inactivity sensor that motivates the wearer to keep on moving if he or she is sitting still for too long.

The Garmin has introduced their own activity tracker feature in this watch. It can easily tell you how many steps you took and how farther you have run and even how many calories you have burned all in the blink of an eye.

This feature is also supported by their own web apps. On that apps, you can upload and compare your fitness data, milestones and achievement and that can motivate you to better yourself because there is nothing more motivating than competing against one another. That is human nature, you see.

The rechargeable battery this watch packing is awesome, it can run as much as 15 days even in GPS mode, the battery also supports fast charge which can fully fill the battery in under 1.5 hours, it is safe to say that this is its main drawing point.

This watch relies on its sensory features to do the heavy lifting, and it does do that pretty easily, the small form coupled with its loaded features makes it one of the best budget hiking watch ever made.

Key features

  • Stylish and practical design
  • Clear and crisp display that is legible even under direct sunlight
  • Activity tracker feature to track how you are moving
  • High-end GPS sensor
  • Lightweight design

The good

  • Premium build
  • Inactivity alert system
  • Strong GPS sensor
  • Various color options

The not so good

  • Lacklustre display
  • Not waterproof
  • No heartbeat monitor

  • Style: Running, sports, hiking
  • Colour: Black, White, Blue, Pink
  • Materials: ABS plastic and non-vulcanised Rubber
  • Display: E. ink B&W screen
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, pedometer
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces


13. Garmin 010-03717-54 Forerunner 235 – Black/Gray

Garmin 010-03717-54 Forerunner 235 - Black/Gray


This Garmin made Forerunner hiking watch is an absolute drop-dead stunner. The narrow black rounded bezel and huge watch face just attract even the non-interested into admiring this piece of chronological art.

The Forerunner 235 sports a larger display than its predecessor while maintaining the same form factor, it does have a 44% larger screen than 225 and it makes all the difference in the world. The new display is vivid, brighter and much more saturated than ever.

The watch is made from stainless steel and plastic and it really shows, the watch is very lightweight and can take some serious hits before showing any sign of damage, but I do prefer a fully metal one though. The strap is made from poly silicone rubber and does offer a nice and comfortable fit and it is also sweat and weather resistant.

The Forerunner 235 has an inbuilt heart rate monitor that does an excellent and accurate job. It passed with flying colors when we tested it. It also has under its hood a powerful GPS system that uses High sensitivity Garmin made GPS sensor to calculate things like the distance you have covered, the time it took you, and how many steps were needed for that.

The Watch, unfortunately, lacks an Altimeter and Barometer but the GPS and pedometer combo system it sports can effectively compensate for this little handicap. The watch runs on Garmin’s own custom UI and you can customize it by downloading watch faces and apps and widgets from the Connect IQ store.

The watch is smart notification enabled, meaning that you can access and deal with messages and emails right from the watch itself. This feature although requires a smartphone to be connected to it.

The Forerunner is more of a hiking watch than a swimmer one, but the manual did say that it is waterproof up to 50 meters, so a casual swim or dive would never hurt it. Although we would like to warn you not to use this watch underwater for long periods of times.

It does not matter whether you are a casual runner or pro athlete, the Forerunner 235 can really help you make a statement both on the track and off it.

Key features

  • Large display that is 44% bigger than its predecessor
  • The build gives out a premium look and feel
  • The watch features two separate modes namely Normal and exercise
  • Hundreds of watch faces and apps are available in connect IQ store

The good

  • Large vibrant colorful display
  • Exceptionally stylish
  • Smart notification capabilities
  • Activity tracker feature
  • Audio prompting abilities

The not so good

  • The large display may attract scratches easily
  • The Screen struggles under heavy sunlight
  • Battery backup is not that good

  • Style: Running, sports, hiking
  • Colour: Black/grey, Frost blue, Marsala
  • Materials: ABS plastic and stainless steel and pro silicone
  • Display: Digital LCD display
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, pedometer
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


14. Garmin Forerunner 230

Garmin Forerunner 230


The Garmin Forerunner 230 is what sets the benchmark for hiking watches that dabble in the middle-class area expense wise. This watch does not have the heart rate monitor nor the intense fitness features that its predecessors and successors were respectively rocking. It is more aimed at average Joes interested in light running and Hiking.

The Watch in its construction gives emphasis to comfort and reliability and so the watch is primarily made out of high strength plastic and stainless steel, the band, on the other hand, is made from pro silicone that gives it a nice feel and secure fit.

The watch features state of the art Garmin GPS and GLONASS under its sleek body and when they are combined they offer unparalleled tracking capabilities that can put even the dedicated ones to shame.

The watch offers a large round screen that is 44% bigger than its predecessor, the screen is huge and has enough screen space to accommodate all the data it wants to display. The screen is bright and bold and is perfect for displaying colourful fitness graphs.

The watch does not feature a heart rate monitor but it does have a pedometer inside that is capable of gathering important data such as the number of steps you took and how much calorie that you have burned. However, it still relies on GPS and GLONASS combo to determine how much distance you have covered.

The watch has several connectivity points and can easily be paired with any compatible smartphones. The watch features Garmin’s own smart notification system that can show you relevant information such as Emails and alarms and messages right on the watch screen itself. also, the interface is rather simple to navigate and can be customized using the apps and watch faces downloaded from the Connect IQ store.

The battery life this watch offers is adequate for an occasional weekend trip to the woods but if you are looking to make a long and hard hike then this might not ring your bell well. However, it does offer quick charge functionality, that has to count for something, right?

Key features

  • Large display that is bright and vivid
  • The watch has premium look and feel in every aspect of it
  • The navigation buttons are quick and have a nice tactile feedback
  • Excellent Activity tracker feature
  • Audio prompting capabilities

The good

  • Nice big display
  • Premium design
  • Has both GPS as well as GLONASS
  • Smart notification capabilities

The not so good

  • No heart rate monitor
  • Relies too much on GPS and GLONASS
  • The battery backup is not that good

  • Style: Running, hiking, casual wear
  • Colour: Black, Turquoise, purple
  • Materials: ABS plastic, stainless steel, and pro silicone
  • Display: Digital LCD display
  • Sensors: GPS, pedometer
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces


15. Garmin Forerunner 15 Large, Black/Blue

Garmin Forerunner 15


The Forerunner 15 is Garmin’s entry-level low-cost offering aimed toward budding runners and hikers who are starting off their little adventures on the road. It does not offer much in terms of features for serious hikers and athletes, and it isn’t supposed to either. It is more suited and directed for casual runners and hikers/trekkers who are just beginning to climb the kiddy slopes.

The watch is compact and has a strong and durable build. It has used in its construction a mixture of stainless steel and polymer plastic that ensures that it can withstand even the toughest of blows without showing signs of damage.

The screen uses E. ink technology to display the date and time in all its crisp and clear glory. It has an anti-reflection coating on it that makes it easier to read even in direct sunlight.

The forerunner 15 has under its small body, a powerful GPS tracker that can rival even the most expensive one there is. The GPS system allows the wearer to track his activity with utmost accuracy, be it running, cycling or hiking, the forerunner can always know where you are and how you got there.

The watch lacks Heart rate monitor and a few other sensors except the pedometer. But that is to be expected at this price point. Nevertheless, that does not mean it’s not a capable watch. It is a perfectly awesome watch in its own way.

The Forerunner 15 has a special feature that can record the user’s fitness data, milestones and achievements in its memory which can be readily accessed with the help of its companion Garmin app.

This hiking watch, however, has the best battery backup in the business, it can go as long as 5 weeks on a single charge or 8 hours in GPS mode. The watch also supports Quick charge function that fills up the battery in under 1.5 hours.

This watch is, as I mentioned before, is one of the greatest choices ever for new and novice users who want to leap into the world of hiking and adventure sports. But if you are a seasoned veteran, I will suggest that you look elsewhere.

Key features

  • Excellent choice for entry-level hikers and runners
  • Rugged yet premium build
  • Great activity tracker functions
  • Awesome combo of GPS and GLONASS
  • Small and compact design

The good

  • Excellent design
  • Premium look and feel
  • Extremely durable
  • Powerful GPS and GLONASS trackers
  • Personal record keeping functions

The not so good

  • The screen is not that much good
  • The navigation buttons jams frequently
  • No heart rate monitor
  • Not waterproof
  • Lack sensors such as Altimeter, Barometer Compass etc…

  • Style: Running, hiking
  • Colour: Black, Violet, Teal, Green, Blue
  • Materials: ABS plastic, stainless steel, and pro silicone
  • Display: Digital E. ink display
  • Sensors: GPS, GLONASS, Pedometer
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


16. Polar M200 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate

Polar M200 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate


The polar M200 Hiking watch is a Steller addition to the already popular smash hit polar M series. One of the main reasons for M series to be this popular is its minimalistic approach and the M200 builds on that approach to deliver us a reliable and stylish looking piece of art.

The watchmakers went for a modular approach when they designed this watch. As a result, the M200 can be separated into two modules namely the band and the watch itself. the watch is made from stainless steel and hardened glass, the band module, on the other hand, is made from polymer infused rubber.

The watch has an inbuilt heart rate monitor that can provide the user with continuous data on how their heart is coping with their fitness routine and using that data the user can find the optimum sweet spot of their routine to derive the maximum benefit out of it.

The M200 also has a sleep cycle detector that can help you develop better sleeping patterns that suit you the best and get you the maximum rest at night. It also has a top of the line GPS system in it that can track each and every step that you take.

The watch can be connected with your smartphone courtesy of its Bluetooth technology and is also able to receive and access notifications regarding Emails, Alerts, Messages etc…

The M200 is waterproof and is a great choice for swimmers and divers alike. The watch is particularly designed to minimize drag and that makes it a swimmer’s best friend, there is also a swimming mode in it that can calculate lap times and the number of arm swings that the swimmer had made.

The watch comes with a polar flow subscription that can help you compare and store your fitness data right in the cloud itself. The polar flow system also can help you in creating a fitness plan that suits your needs.

Overall, The M200 is a great choice for people who are looking for a watch that is both beautiful and functional at the same time.

Key features

  • Functional modular design that is beautiful
  • Polar flow web service that is cloud-oriented
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Inactivity alerting system

The good

  • Killer design
  • Excellent waterproofing capabilities
  • Sleep cycle detector and adviser
  • Colourful interchangeable bands
  • Inbuilt heart rate monitor

The not so good

  • The battery backup leaves a lot to be desired
  • The band is a little bit weak
  • The GPS system is a little bit buggy

  • Style: Hiking, Swimming, Casual Wear
  • Colour: Black, Red, White, Teal
  • Materials: Stainless steel and pro silicone
  • Display: Digital display
  • Sensors: GGPS, GLONASS, Pedometer
  • Weight: 5.92 ounces


17. Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch


No watch review would never feel complete without having at least one Casio entrant in it, I mean this Japanese company is what pioneered the smartwatch revolution to the world. Before Casio came along watches were exclusive to the rich and powerful but Casio tore down this arcane era and made watches be affordable to everyone. Enough history lets’ look at the watch.

The smartwatch/hiking watch from Casio is probably the most powerful watch in this review. The watch runs on Android wear 2.0 and has a build that raises envy. The watch frame is made from a resin composite that is super strong and ultra-durable but the band, on the other hand, is made from urethane, that’s a bummer, I know.

It rocks a screen that is bright and beautiful. The screen has two layers of both monochrome and colors that can be switched in between according to what the need is. It also has a Quad sensor setup comprising of Altimeter, Barometer, and compass.

If you want fully unleash the power of the watch then connect it to a smartphone, suddenly the watch can access GPS, read and show notifications, can connect to the cloud and much more.

It also has a great activity sensor that can read everything that you do and give vital info such as how much you have run and how much calories you have burned.

All of these features are what make this one of the best Casio watch for hiking ever made.

Key features

  • Excellent design that is practical and beautiful
  • Military grade build
  • Android wear 2.0
  • Smart connectivity

The good

  • Resin frame build
  • Smart features
  • Two level screen
  • Activity sensor

The not so good

  • Poor battery backup
  • Band is not that good

  • Style: Hiking, Casual wear, Smartwatch
  • Colour: Black, Red, Green, Orange
  • Materials: Resin and urethane
  • Display: Digital LCD display
  • Sensors: ABC sensor set up
  • Weight: 3.36 ounces


18. Suunto Spartan Sports Wrist HR

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR


This Suunto hiking watch has a fluid inspired design language that is irresistible to gaze upon. The watch sports a compact drag resistant design that is both practical and functional. It embodies the true spirit of minimalism in its every aspect and even to the core.

The watch is made from brushed stainless steel and sports a band crafted from plasticised rubber, the Spartan sports a vivid touchscreen display that has some serious viewing angles and is brighter than its predecessor was.

The touchscreen is protected by a tough mineral glass that is both scratch resistant and shatterproof. The Spartan has in its core some serious power in the form of ABC sensors and a sound GPS system that can rival even the best, no wonder it made the GPS hiking watch reviews 2018 and that too in the top 3.

The watch has an optical heartbeat sensor on the backside of the device and it can give out pretty accurate data on how the user’s heartbeat is coping with his or her fitness plan.

The Spartan is a true blue outdoor watch and has more than 80 sports modes pre-installed on it, so whatever the activity that you may undertake, the Spartan can definitely adapt itself to suit your exact needs.

The watch despite being handmade, is waterproof up to 300ft so it is an excellent option for divers and competitive swimmers and more so because of its drag resistant design, the Spartan has a special feature that they call HR that can determine and calculate every movement of its wearer and it’s a doozy, to say the least.

The battery backup it offers is rather adequate, it can run as much as 12 hours in training mode and 3 weeks off it. The Spartan is worth your time if you are in to multisport. However, if you are a hiking enthusiast then there are better choices out there.

Key features

  • Stunning design that is also practical
  • Awesome display
  • Sapphire glass protection
  • 80+ sports modes

The good

  • Sturdy build and design
  • Vivid display
  • Inbuilt heart sensor
  • Handmade
  • Waterproof

The not so good

  • Bad battery backup
  • The band is not that great
  • Lagging UI

  • Style: Hiking, Multisport, Swimming
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Copper, Forest, Sakura
  • Materials: Brushed stainless steel and rubber
  • Display: Digital LCD touch display
  • Sensors: ABC sensors, Heartbeat monitor, GPS
  • Weight: 1.36 ounces


19. Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch


The Polar M400 smartwatch is a powerhouse; there is no better way to describe it better than this. Under its sleek and minimal exterior, they have packed everything that a hiker or a pro athlete ever needs, the Polar M400 is one of the best sports watches ever made and let us go and see why.

This watch is made from a combination high-grade stainless steel and polymer rubber making it one of the toughest and durable watches to ever come out from the Polar M series. When it comes to design the watch leans more towards minimalism and it really shows on the overall look of the device.

The watch face features narrow bezels and has taken a peculiar design in terms of its shape that is best described as a “squircle”. The screen itself is bright and vivid and surprisingly offers better readability in sunlight than most of these watches reviewed here.

Under its frame, the watch packs a hoard of sensors and has a well-tuned GPS unit that can track every little step you make when you turn on any one of its specific sports modes, all its inner features work in unison to give you the maximum information relating to that sport you have chosen

The watch comes with a Heart rate detector that can monitor your heart health through day and night, this is feature is an excellent add-on for people who are suffering from heart ailments and wants to keep their beatings in check or for athletes to better their game.

The M400 also comes with a subscription to the polar web, their own web arena where you can post your milestones and achievements to compete with other users; it is a great motivation builder. The watch also comes with a sleep cycle monitor for good measure.

The battery of M400 is a lithium ion one and it does provide a decent backup time although you might need to keep an eye on it, not to risk shutting down. The watch is waterproof too and can be used as a pool watch should you ever feel the need for a dip.

Key features

  • Excellent design that combines both aesthetics and functionality
  • Great choice of materials to build on
  • Excellent connectivity options
  • Can sync and store fitness data in the cloud
  • Polar flow subscription

The good

  • Killer looks
  • Robust premium build Quality
  • Excellent activity tracker
  • Waterproof

The not so good

  • The band is susceptible to wear and tear
  • The battery backup is a letdown
  • The variant with inbuilt HB monitor is far more expensive

  • Style: Hiking, Running, Swimming,
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Pink, White, Red
  • Materials: Stainless steel and rubber
  • Display: Digital LCD display
  • Sensors: ABC sensors, Heartbeat monitor, GPS, pedometer.
  • Weight: 2.5 ounces


20. Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch

Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch


At last, we have reached the final entrant of our review, the Polar M800 is a successor to the popular M400 that we also reviewed here, this watch, however, is a whole another beast. the M800 made some serious changes to the M series of watches that were controversial at best, so let us go and see what those changes are.

From right in the design itself the changes are apparent, gone the minimalistic approach right out of the window, the M800 features a squire bulky design that takes some getting used to. The watch is made from stainless steel that is rust and water resistant the band, on the other hand, is made from vulcanized rubber. It ensures strength even in harsh conditions.

The squire screen is bright and vivid but it does not feature an anti-reflective coating like its predecessors. So reading the screen in direct sunlight can be problematic. However, on a positive note, the watch does have a sapphire glass protection.

When it comes to inner features, the M800 sports a great GPS system on board along with a plethora of sensors to support the watches activity tracker features. These specs allow you to create and manage different profiles for various sports in one place.

The watch comes with or without a Heart rate monitor according to the variant that you choose, the variant with the one, however, is exceptional. It employs a dual infrared optical system to calculate the beats and it does succeed monumentally.

The watch does offer smart notification feature that you can access by synchronizing your phone with the M800 through Bluetooth, the BT synchronizing can make the watch into a notification hub where you can deal with incoming texts, Emails and alarms and much more.

The watch is certified waterproof and does offer a profile on swimming and diving. This particular profile allows the watch to calculate the laps, arm swings required, burning calories and even your O2 level.

Key features

    • Functional design and premium look
    • Sapphire glass protection against bumps and drops
    • Top of the line GPS system
    • Smart notification feature

The good

  • Robust material choices
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Additional barometer sensor
  • Waterproof (IP68)
  • Activity tracker feature

The not so good

  • Poor battery backup
  • Clunky design language

  • Style: Hiking, Trekking, Swimming,
  • Colour: Black, Grey
  • Materials: Stainless steel and vulcanized rubber
  • Display:Digital LCD display
  • Sensors: Barometer, Heartbeat monitor, GPS, pedometer.
  • Weight: 2.0 ounces


Final verdict About Best Hiking Watches for 2018

I love hiking, I adore the feeling of fresh air filling up my lungs, the wind brushing past my hair and the adrenaline rush of standing somewhere that no one has ever stood. Oh god just thinking about it gives me the shivers.

Whenever I go on trekking or hiking I always carry my trusted hiking watch with me, I depend on it so much, that I can’t even take a walk around the block without. What I am trying to say here is that I know how much a hiking watch means to a hiker and that is one of the few reasons that made me do this monumental review just for hiking and sporting watches.

All these timepieces reviewed here are some of the best hiking watches ever made; there is no doubt about it. Our expert team of reviewers spent countless hours testing each and every one of these hiking watches to their extreme points and only the ones who have proved their mettle, in the end, has landed a spot on this exclusive review.

Any hiking expert would tell you that one of the few equipment’s they rely on most is their hiking watch and some would go as far as to say that the success they owe it to their watches. So choosing a hiking watch that suits your needs can make all the difference in the world. But how do you go about choosing them?

That is where this review comes in. on this review here, you can have a look at the 20 best-hiking watches in the world that 2018 has graciously offered for us. So go on and pick one, then just pack your bags and go where the wind takes you.

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